Sunday, March 7, 2010

7:: weekly wrap up

Today marks my seventh day not eating sugary treats.  That phrase sounds somewhat juvenile to me for some reason.  But it is what it is.

I'm proud of myself for the accomplishments this week.  It's a pretty big deal for me to have not grabbed a piece of candy from the office, a baked goodie from the store, or shared some ice cream with Bean at night.  I don't know if I've actually gone this long without such treats.  Certainly I've counted calories and points--but I typically save points for my favorite goodies in small portions.

This month is going to be good for me.  I need it.  However, it's going to be a long month.  It's become much easier to resist the sugar I eat without thinking during the course of the day.  It's harder though when it's dessert after dinner.  Or, "everyone else is having some."

In fact, I may have fallen off the wagon for a short time yesterday.  It was the end of a long (albeit good) day, we ate pizza with friends and there were divine cake leftovers from an event.  I had previously resisted temptation at the event, but I guess it caught up with me.  At least I only ate one piece I guess.  I've dusted myself off, and hopped back on the wagon.

Bean.  Well, he's another story.  Yes dear, I'm calling you out.  At the start of the week I asked for his support and accountability and even invited him to join me in trying to eat better.  The stinker has tried to get me to "cheat" every day!  Sometimes more than once.  He's had a sweet tooth and wants an accomplice.  He was holding a hand up to the wagon inviting me to jump off last night.  (still love you babe!)

Three more Sundays until I can have my Sunday morning donut.  Or maybe, I'll become more empowered and not choose a donut as part of my Sunday morning breakfast routine. 

Week 2, coming up.  My main goal this week was obviously--no sugary treats.  This next week I think I'm going to work on counting calories or points and eating more vegetables.  I love Weight Watchers while breastfeeding and losing weight, but for some reason once my babies are one, I don't enjoy it as much.  So I'm not sure what I'll do to track my food.  I always struggle figuring out how many calories to eat also---seems like every site says something different.  And I am still nursing 2-3x a day, so I still need some extra calories for that.

It's been interesting making a point to blog every day, or at least schedule a post.  Thankfully, there's always photos when in need!

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