Monday, March 8, 2010

8:: strong

Back in the day, you heard a lot about the "power suit." Do people still wear those? Or refer to them?
What do you wear when you want to feel strong, powerful, in control?
Or what do you wear when you don't feel those things, but need to be inspired?
This is what I put on.

A few weeks ago I was driving (hence the seat belt...I was stopped at a light) to Miss Rose's awards assembly. Did I mention that here? She received an award for being a good role model and outstanding effort in writing.
I had already taken Miss Rose and our neighbor to school. Dropped Gracie & Lily off.
Returned home to check email and do a few work related things before heading back to the school. I would be going to work afterward, to spend pretty much all day in meetings and planning sessions.
I am woman, I am a mom, I am a pastor. Hear me roar.
I am a runner. I had a great run the day before.
I felt strong.
This necklace, although the details are hard to make out, symbolizes strength to me.
It's actually my finishing medal from the 2007 Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco. Gracie was just 6 months old when I completed it. I highly recommend the race. Because the "medal", it's Tiffany's. As in, little blue box Tiffany's. When you cross the finish line there are guys in tuxedos, with little blue boxes on silver platters. It's worth every mile! I love the tshirt I also received. It says FINISHER.
When I feel strong, I wear this necklace. It has a somewhat abstract design of two women running side by side.
I wear it because I am strong. Because I am a finisher. Because I'm worth it.
And, when I don't feel strong, I wear this necklace. Because I need the reminder. That I can be strong. That I am a finisher. To boost my confidence and give me inspiration.
Only one person can win a race. I doubt that I will ever "win" a race. I don't run to win. I run to finish. I run to feel the sense of accomplishment. I run to improve, just a little, on my last run. A few seconds faster, a mile further.
This isn't only true about running. It's true about life. My life. Your life.
I don't need to compete to win. I just need to finish. Each day, each task, each goal. To improve on yesterday. To go a bit further, to love more, to complain less. To feel that sense of accomplishment. To finish, you just run one mile at a time, take one day at a time. Sometimes, even one moment at a time. Putting one foot in front of the other.
I am a finisher.

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