Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's April 1st in New York

I ate a big bowl of ice cream at 9:15pm tonight.

Because in New York, it was past midnight, and thus April 1st.

Which means my own version of March Madness is over.

Is that cheating?  I think it's just smart!  And man was that ice cream good!!  Let me tell you, this has been one LONG month.  Have I been perfect in my quest to not eat sugar?  Not quite as perfect as I could have been.  But for the most part, I did it.  I learned some good things, which I plan to share in a blog soon.  Not enough energy to put my thoughts together tonight.

I blogged almost every day for a month.  Which was more of a feat than I expected, keeping up with my family and my job and finding time and wit to blog. 

With Gracie's 3rd birthday, Easter and a business trip coming up, it's a good thing I don't need to try to blog daily any longer.  Life is coming at me fast these days, but so far I'm keeping up. 

Tomorrow we're having a jammie morning.  No school, no work, no morning drop off's.  Just mama and her girls.  This is what I live for, what I look forward to.  I love being a mom.

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