Thursday, April 15, 2010

cyber baby book

I'm terrible these days at keeping track of things in baby books.  In fact, I've yet to start Lily's baby book.  I do have a "First Year" calendar that I tracked milestones on.  Well, at least some of the milestones.

So for now, I'm relying on my blog for record of my kids development.

Miss Rose is maturing so much these days.  The last month or so we haven't had any major discipline problems with her.  A few months ago, we had some huge knock-down drag outs.  But we stuck to our guns and kept our expectations high, and she's rising to meet them.  She's been very sweet and loving, not only to her sisters but even us!  Miss Rose is also doing wonderful in school.  She had her first spelling test today and scored 100%.  That's my girl! 

For the first time in her life, Miss Rose hasn't gained weight, but she has continued to grow in height.  She's still very solid, but has grown leaner.  Her legs go forever!  She's loving T-ball and is definitely showing talent.  Bean and I aren't parents to push our kids much, but we just want to give them opportunity.  We're excited to see what sports she continues to like and want to play.

Gracie, has been three for almost two weeks now, and it's starting to show.  The age of three is my least favorite so far.  My kids don't seem to have terrible 2's (in my opinion) but the whining and complaining and asserting of their will and desires at three is quite challenging.  Gracie is doing a lot of whining and is quite impatient.  She's still so sweet though!  She randomly will hug us and say "I love you" and it just melts your heart!

Gracie has always been better at independant play than Miss Rose.  She loves her "friends" and her favorite toys are small stuffed animals and small plastic animals.  She usually picks an item that is her "favorite" for a few days and then moves on to something else.   I love watching her play.  She's started to sing and make songs up, which is precious.  She was singing at the top of her lungs before dinner tonight.  She LOVES her baby sister and her big sister too.

Oh Miss Lily, she's growing and changing too fast.  Most of the time she still has a "baby" look to her.  Especially since she still doesn't walk.  But her communication grows by leaps and bounds, reminding me that she's coming up on 15 months.  Her first word was definitely "hi."  She loves waving and saying hi and making friends.  Whenever we walk around the house to my parent's door, or next door to the neighbors, she gets all excited and starts waving and saying "hi" before we even see anyone.  This also means she's a fan of talking on the phone and saying hi!

Lily has a new fascination with babies.  Real ones and baby dolls.  She says "bebe" when she sees another baby (even if they are close in age to her) and about dolls and stuffed animals.  She even tries to feed baby dolls with a baby bottle.  Because we have so many "big kid" toys around, she usually picks random toys to play with and doesn't play with a lot of "baby" toys even though we have them. 

Both girls love crawling around and having Lily follow them.  She still has her "special crawl", although she does crawl normally from time to time.  Lily loves seeing the girls after she wakes up in the morning or after a nap.  She gets excited and flaps her arms and legs as we leave her room and looks to the living room for her sisters.  Watching their relationships grow is so fun.  Lily already asserts herself when they have a toy she wants.

I try to take photos and video frequently, but I worry that I don't get enough.

These moments are so special.  I read something somewhere in the cyberworld recently that said when your children are young "the days are long, but the years pass so quickly."  There is so much truth to that.  I don't want to miss any moments that I don't have to.  These are the best days of my life {so far}.

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