Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm not a photographer

I'm not a photographer by any stretch. But I love taking photos of my kids. And sometimes I get lucky and get some good shots. If I knew how to edit and had editing software, I could probably bump these up a few notches.
But I don't. So here's the real deal.
{Sometimes, I think there should be a blog carnival for those of us with simple point-and-shoot cameras and no fancy lenses. But who would want to see those pictures? That's probably why there isn't one.}

I love the how the sunlight was hitting just right at this random angle I shot. Makes her blue eyes really pop.

Oh, these sweet chubby ankles. I know they won't be like this for long. Her feet are still so tiny! She's just starting to outgrow her 0-6 month Robeez, although they still do fit. It's warming up, so most of her time is spent barefoot.

My free-spirited child. She spends her time running around and doing her own thing.

Then a quick pit-stop to love on her baby sister.

And this girl, always on the move.  Intense.  No time to stop and smile for mama.

Oh, how I love these girls. 
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