Saturday, April 17, 2010

my kind of saturday

We had to wake up, and get up early this morning.  Usually on Saturdays, even if the kids wake up we sometimes send them back to their room, where they snuggle and talk in the same bed, or we snuggle in our bed, just to get a few extra minutes. 

Lately though, there's been no sleeping in on Saturdays.  Miss Rose has t-ball games at 8am almost every Saturday.  On the one hand, it's nice to get the game out of the way early in the day, but it also makes for a long day!

So we were up and at 'em early, out of the house at 7:30am.  I had three kids in our Saturn as Bean was dropping the van off for servicing.  Let's just say, I am VERY thankful for our minivan.  We thought there was a courtesy shuttle that would bring Bean to the field.  Not on Saturdays though!  Luckily my sister (who's visiting this weekend) saved the day, even though she wasn't planning to get up early and go to the game.

Miss Rose had a great hit her last at bat and got the game ball.  Which of course is a huge deal when you are 6.  Since my niece is also on the same team, there is always a lot of family at the games--and we enjoy hanging out.

After the game, my sister and I headed to our local (man-made) lake for a run.  I used to run there all the time.  But since having a third child, and now living in a neighborhood I can run in, I don't go as often.  But I need to.  It's so nice to run on the wide path and not have to worry about curbs and cars and crossing streets and turning corners.  I think I run a bit faster while there.

When we got home, Bean was finishing up some yardwork.  My neighbor came over to tell us about a yard sale a few blocks away with cheap, old ecclectic stuff.  I was sweaty and smelly, but headed over anyways with the kids.  I scored a small teapot, a cool small aqua bowl, a few odds&ends for Miss Rose and a chaise lounge with pad for: $5.  When I said cheap, I meant cheap!  Usually stuff in our neighborhood is a bit more. 

My mom also came with us and they gave her a microwave, not sure if it worked or not.  I lugged the microwave home for her.  Then headed back for the lounge chair.  And yes, I lugged the whole chair a few blocks home.  It really wasn't too heavy, just awkward.

I supposed I could have tried to get it with a car, but it would have been the same amount of trouble as walking home with it.  I am sure I was quite a site.  Bean laughed (and didn't offer to help) when he saw me nearing our home.  But come on, for $2, it's worth it!  Now I can lounge outside in the sun or read or watch the kids play.

My sister-in-law had arrived with her two kids in the midst of all the rukous.  There was lots of commotion.

And I still smelled.  Maybe that's why I got the stuff for so cheap.  They just wanted me out of their yard!

Finally things calmed down and after giving the little girls lunch, I got a shower. 

This is my kind of Saturday.  Family, craziness, running, carrying chaise lounge chairs two blocks and enjoying our great weather and neighborhood.

Bean is going to use a new charcoal grill for the first time tonight.  A friend was supposed to be coming for dinner, but had to cancel.  But we'll go ahead and enjoy the tri-tip without her!  And maybe we'll even roast some marshmellows on the charcoal.

I hope you're having a great Saturday as well.

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