Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday I shared about Gracie's birthday, and her first pet--a Betta (doing some google searching yesterday, I found this is the correct spelling!) named Minnie.  She specifically requested a fish from "Aunt Kath."

Minnie was welcomed to our family on a Saturday.  Gracie spent a lot of time sitting at the table watching Minnie swim.  She'd turn the bowl if Minnie wasn't in her view and she asked all the time to touch Minnie.

I left for a conference on Monday morning and Minnie was doing swimmingly.

On Tuesday afternoon out of the blue, I got this text from Bean.

"p.s.I will be buying another Betta.  My Mom killed Minnie with tap water."

WHAT???  I immediately called Bean for an explaination.

The girls had convinced Grammie to change the fish's water on Monday, which she did without checking with us.  Therefore, she didn't know Minnie needed purified water.

Tuesday morning Gracie ran to the table, and said "where's Minnie?"  Bean went over and found Minnie belly up on the bottom of the bowl.

"Um, Minnie is sleeping right now.  I'm going to put her in the kitchen."

Thankfully, both girls accepted this explaination, even though we had fish a few years ago and Miss Rose knows that dead fish are flushed down the toilet.

After work that day Bean got a replacement fish and "Operation Imposter" went into effect.

It's amazing.  Minnie changed colors!!  I talked to the girls that night and they both wanted to tell me how Minnie was asleep in the morning and now she changed colors.

Even now, a week later, many days one of the girls asks to see Minnie and if she has changed colors.  We have a pretty talented fish.

Not only did Minnie change colors, but Minnie the Second is also a bit special.  She loves to dive down and burrow in the aquarium gems on the bottom of the bowl.  So much so, that her head gets stuck and she can't get out.

I'm being completely serious.

This photo is from my phone, but you get the idea.  She's actually stuck here and had to be freed.

We have to move the gems to free her head.  This has happened several times.

Way to go Bean.  Way to choose an odd little Betta.

I think if Minnie the Second goes the way of the buffalo, Gracie will have to have her first lesson in death and dying.  And then just maybe, we really will get a dog because our fish died.

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