Thursday, April 1, 2010

right now

Right now
It's a wet morning outside.  The sun might be coming out, or it might give way again to more rain
It's cool inside the house and I'm curled up in a blanket
Right now
My 6yr old is playing school in the kitchen
She's cutting things up, instructing her class in the same way her kindergarten teacher instructs her
She's wearing her jammies, and a Santa Claus apron
Right now
My 3yr old is playing inside a cupboard
The baby is trying to play with her too
There are long necklaces involved (I'm keeping a close watch) 
And words like "yee-haw" and "lasso"
These two, are becoming fast friends and playmates
Right now
We're having a jammie morning
The baby's diaper soaked her jammies this morning, 
So I just put her in another pair of jammies
Why get dressed when you don't have to?
Even kids need a down morning
To play and be kids
And mama's need a down morning
To watch the children play in their natural environment
Right now
All is right in our little world (although we'd like Daddy here too)

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