Monday, April 12, 2010

the story of a birthday and a fish

There once was a litle girl, with the cutest curls, with a penchant for Mickey and Minnie.

Dressed in her "pretty dress" just like Minnie, she was ready to celebrate her third birthday.

Her most beloved gift that day?  A Beta fish, received upon request from her "Aunt Kath", who was promptly named Minnie.  Who swam around large pink and purple gems, perfect for our Gracie-girl.

She would have sat, watching Minnie swim for the duration of her party, had we let her.  But we got her outside and she had a blast!  Minnie's dress got itchy, but that's okay because two of her aunties bestowed upon her ,several things "Minnie" (even though they didn't know of her Mouse-themed party).  She looked super cool in her Minnie glasses. 

Gracie LOVED the birthday song being in her honor, finally, after enduring no less than 7 family birthdays in the past few months.  She requested a pink cake.

This Princess gift bag with opening castle doors that revealed the Princesses was declared as "bootiful".

 She would have also been happy to stop opening gifts, after receiving gardening gloves.  She loves her a good pair of gloves.

  The girl also loves her some Ice Age.  We are now the owners of all three: Ice Age "the baby one", Ice Age the Meltdown and Ice Age "the dinosaurs."  "The baby one" is our current favorite, edging out "the dinosaurs" who have been reigning for some time now. 

By far though, her favorite gift was Minnie the Beta.

To be continued....

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