Thursday, April 29, 2010

this and that

I should be doing a lot of this. I could be doing a little bit of that.

What are this and that?  Oh, you know.  Those things that need to be done every day.  Daily chores, cleaning, projects.  We all have this and that to do each day.

But instead, I'm in the mood to write about this and that.  Plus I have a bit of a headache, so I figure a bit of downtime before I do school pick-up won't hurt.

I haven't been blogging much lately.  I blog in my mind of course, and I have a variety of topics I want to write about.  I've still never shared the complete before and after photos of our home addition for my parents.  Our house also got painted and re-stuccoed.  A few weeks ago I spoke to a moms group (it was a blast!) and I've been wanting to recap my talk here.  I was asked to speak on "Bringing Balance to Your Life." It was a topic I really enjoyed preparing for and am often reminding myself what I shared with the moms, because I applied it to my own life.

God has been doing work in me lately on being content and not constantly pining for my life to be different.  Last night at church I spoke on God being enough and what he's given being enough.  Again, God was speaking to me as much as he was speaking through me to others.  I don't get the opportunity to "speak" often, but when I do, I love it!  I think in the summer or fall I'm going to teach a quarter of our Connect Classes (adult sunday school).  It's good for my mind and heart.  I'm feeling a lot more peace about all parts of my life, and that's a good thing.

I'm still seeking more peace about not having more babies.  Like I've said before, I'd be struggling with this whether or not we had chosen to take care of this medically.  I just like babies.  I like kids.  I like being a mom.  I'm doing better with it.  But then there are weeks, like this one, with babies being born and I received a package of baby products to review and I just need a baby.  I'm envious of my friends who are "done" and happy about it.  This is where God's peace and my contentedness come in.  And trust.  Because if God wants me to have another baby or child, by my own body or adoption, he'll orchestrate it as long as I'm delighting in him.

Since I'm not having more babies, I've decided it's time for summer prep for my body.  I'm happy with my size, but there is some toning needed, which also probably involves about a 5lb weight loss.  I tried the Belly Fat Cure diet.  I lasted one day.  It wasn't quite balanced enough for me and the foods I was eating gve me heartburn.  So I'm back to good ole Weight Watchers, my tried and true eating plan.  Of course this week there have been various social activities involving good food and buttercream frosting.  But I haven't over-indulged.  I've been trying to do ab work every other day (my trouble area after 3 babies and 3 c-sections).  I think it might be making a difference, albeit small right now.

I want to blog more about running.  Which is my sanity.  It may not be your sanity, but there is something out there that is.  I firmly believe everyone should have some form of activity a few times a week.  Not just for your body, but for your mental health.

I'm starting to think I need to come up with a weekly schedule or routine.  To decide when certain parts of the house get cleaned, when the kids laundry gets done, when I do prep work for meals, when I work on projects.  It may not always happen the way I plan it, but I need a plan.  I'll probably get more done regularly if I have that plan.

Bean and I have an opportunity to get away tonight for one night.  And we took it.  Pretty amazing for me, I'll admit.  I'm a junkie for my kids and I've been gone a lot lately.  But this is local, and just one night and we need it.  This will be our first night away with no kids in years.  Like, the last time may have been when I was pregnant with Gracie.  Want to know the first thing I'm going to do?  Go run on the hotel treadmill.  Yeah, I'm serious.  That's part of my ideal night away.  Sick, I know.

So, that's the this and that in my head right now.  Part of the weekly schedule I want to develop involves what I do with my lesiure time.  Less aimless internet browsing.  More focused blog time.  More focused reading time (I have about 10 books, not even novels, that I want to read).  So maybe I'll be blogging a bit more, and it will be more focused.  We'll see!

Hope you have a great Friday in preparation for a great weekend!

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