Friday, May 28, 2010

Crazy Day!!

It's Crazy Day at Miss Rose's school today!
She had a blast getting ready this morning.
She's been telling us about getting colored spray for her hair for a few weeks now. At 9pm last night, Daddy went 10min out of his way to go to the one place I found to have some in stock. Thanks Walgreens!

I was pretty impressed with this spray.
Miss Rose has rather dark hair, but it did a great job of making vibrant color.

Gracie got in on the action.
But she was being a bit of a grump when it came to posing for a photo.
After Miss Rose left, Gracie wanted pigtails too.
So she's now sporting three pigtails with more color.
I'll have to take another photo of her later.

Lily is starting to want to be a part of everything the other girls are doing.
I'm pretty sure she was motioning to me in the bathroom, with her little noises
that she wanted spray too.
Not just yet though! I'm sure next year when it's Crazy Day at school, all three girls will have colord hair.
I'm heading out to do some errands in a bit. People are going love Gracie's hair!
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