Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look who's 3

I snapped this photo on our way out the door for Gracie's 3-year appointment. She's very excited about being three and very proud that she can show you her three fingers. She's been in the 3-yr old class at Sunday School for a few weeks now. The teacher recently told me that when addressing the class she'll often say "okay three-year-olds, let sit down for storytime" or some other direction. Each time she says this, Gracie is sure to show the teacher her three fingers and say she's three. Although it sounds more like "free."

I was smart this time around, and took Gracie to the doctor without any other kids in tow.  It was fun to have that time with just her and talk about whatever she was interested in.  She was a superstar at her appointment!  It's so fascinating to see the varied personalities my children have.  I recall that Miss Rose was not very cooperative at her three-year appointment.  She was apprehensive and anxious.

Gracie though, is more of a free spirit.  Willing to try something new, especially with mama close by.  She went through the entire vision test without much hesitation.  Miss Rose was shy, and didn't want to respond.  Gracie wasn't afraid of the headphones for the hearing test and was able to indicate when she heard the beeps.  She even peed in the cup without much struggle.  At Miss Rose's Kindergarten check-up, we made three trips to the bathroom and there were many tears shed before pee went into the cup.
My girls balance each other out though.  They bring out the positive in each other.  It's a wonderful thing to witness.

Gracie is measuring in the 75-90% for her height and weight.  Miss Rose was usually closer to 100% or over, but both my girls are probably going to be taller than their parents.  Miss Rose has gone this past year without gaining any weight (a first for my solid girl!) but I believe she's grown an inch or two.  I'll have to check her records.  This is the first time in her life that she's able to wear the warm-weather clothes we bought at the beginning of the school year now that it's getting warm again.

Gracie isn't quite as solid as Miss Rose though.  She weighs about what Miss Rose weighed at 2yrs old, and in fact the outfit she's wearing in this picture was one Miss Rose wore at 2.  Which is nice, because Gracie loves to be carried to and from places and it's a little easier on my back.  Miss Rose was the same way at 3, and I was about to give birth to Gracie at the time, and I remember how much it broke my heart to tell her that I couldn't carry her any longer.  I don't always carry Gracie, but what can I say, she won't ask for that forever, so I give in from time to time.  Or most of the time.  But who's counting?

And three...still my least favorite age.  Even Bean has commented recently on the almost instant change that took place after Gracie's birthday.  She's quite obstinate and challenging at times.  But she's still our Gracie-girl!
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