Friday, May 14, 2010

This sweet, sweet girl is just three hours old.

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Besides my own children, I don't know that I've held such a fresh baby. I'm still reliving the moment, a week later.

She had been swaddled up, but was getting ready for time with Mamacita when they wanted to snap our photo together. I had no complaints about her sweet, unbathed skin on mine. Even Mamacita was surprised to hear from the nurse that baby T hadn't been bathed yet. She smelled so good and was so soft. The nurse's response? "That's just Mother Nature."

Mother Nature. She's so good. She's got it all right you know.

Baby T was born just 15 minutes after they arrived at the hospital! Mamacita didn't know she was that far along, as her plans included an epidural. But Mamacita was quite the rock star, laboring at home for several hours, and then giving birth so quickly. Her comments "I can't believe women do this on PURPOSE without drugs." But she did it.

Birth. So amazing. This would have been my "dream birth." But I birthed three children, in equally amazing ways that were a dream, because afterward I held a fresh baby in my arms.

Go on. Scroll back up. You know you want to take in that scrumptiousness one more time and remember the last time you held such a fresh baby.

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