Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I love this photo.

Surrounded by my girls.  A mother to three children. 
The "minimum" number of children I wanted.  I finally had them. 

A sweet, sleeping newborn on my chest.
A five-year-old; my first baby.
An almost two-year-old; still very much a baby.

So far, motherhood to me has meant babies. 
Making babies, growing babies, birthing babies, raising babies. 
Dreaming of motherhood always meant dreaming of babies.
Although it was often pure chaos, I loved having two babies for the past year.
I loved being that mom with two kids born in two years. 
That mom people looked at in the store like I was crazy. 
It was something I always kind of wanted, but was too afraid to plan.
But Gracie-girl isn't so much a baby anymore. 
And every day Lily is growing and changing. Too fast for my taste.
Too soon, I won't have a baby. It's bittersweet.
I need to start re-defining my motherhood soon. I'm not ready yet though.
I'm still drinking in the baby-ness of my now 15-month-old.
I hold her chubby cheek to my face. I cherish her grip on the back of my arm. I memorize the heaviness of her head on my shoulder before I lay her in the crib.

It's everything I hoped it would be, and more.

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