Thursday, May 20, 2010


Life moves by, at it's ever-fast pace, and I've been trying to focus more on the living, than on the blogging.

But as always, life is never dull and my mind is always racing!

We went to Disneyland yesterday.  It was a wonderful experience!  We waited less than 20 minutes for each ride.  We just took Miss Rose & Gracie, and they were so exited.  I think they were a bit overstimulated though--and much of the day they were a bit quiet, taking in everything around them.  I'll share some photos soon.

Lily is just bursting with personality these days.  She's starting to say quite a few words, which perhaps makes up for her lack of walking at almost 16 months.  It's okay though.  I like that she's still my baby.  Many of her words would not be understandable by someone on the street, but we know what she's saying.  Baby is still her favorite word.  She says all of our names now.  This evening Gracie was watching one of her favorite shows, Little Einsteins and we realized Lily follows the directions to "raise your arms as high as you can and say "blastoff".  It's pretty cute.  She also says and does "pat, pat, pat."  She is quite vocal in her opinions.  Especially when a sister takes her toy thinking she won't mind, or if she wants one of their toys.  Which happens quite a bit.

We finally heard back on the home improvement grant we were approved for.  The timeframe is still not certain, but we are getting closer to having a bathroom that doesn't gross me out with black grout that can't be cleaned and having the original windows replaced and an actual pantry, among other things.  God is good to bless us with this opportunity!

Bees swarmed in our garage today.  We have no idea why.  They were going in and out of a hole in the wall, so we suspect they were trying to build a nest.  Bean and a brave friend went in with spray to kill them and stuff to fill the hole in the wall.  Hopefully tomorrow, there will be no more buzzing in the garage.  The Bean family has some laundry to do.

My birthday is in about a month.  I have a particular health goal in mind for that date, which I think is totally do-able, if I stick with healthy eating and regular exercise.  The past few weeks I've been very happy with my health habits.  I feel like I'm turning a corner in health being the norm and treats and splurges being the exception.  My main motivation is my children.  Someday, I'll do a blog or two just on that topic.

I think it's time to go to bed.  We were all so exhausted today!  Which means Bean did a ton of work in the yard anyways, because he is the Energizer Bunny.  Miss Rose came down with a mysterious fever in the early hours of the morning, was fever-free and lethargic most of the day, and then had a fever again this evening.  So she'll be missing school again tomorrow.  Hopefully it's a little virus that will run it's course and be done.


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