Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sometimes, you eat dinner at Chick-Fil-A with friends.

Sometimes, the kids are very excited for the enclosed play structure. They run around before the food gets there, then the scarf down their food so to return quickly.

Sometimes, when you have a weak-stomached child, the constant playing upsets their full tummy and they upchuck a little at the top of the play structure.

Sometimes, Mama has to climb up to the top (which isn't all that easy when the platforms alternate sides and are close together) to clean up said child and stomach contents.

Sometimes, being Mom-of-the-Year, means your friends who are there also, and your loving spouse, can't control their laughter or their cell phone cameras while you do your Mom-of-the-Year work.

Sometimes, the best exit from the top of the play structure is the slide.

Sometimes, your so-called friends and so-called spouse continue to snap photos as you finally make your exit.

Sometimes, just as you finish sanitizing your hands, you realize a less than pleasant odor is coming from your baby.

Sometimes, you are impressed that there is actually a Diaper Champ in the bathroom with the changing table.

Sometimes, you want to toss your dinner, when you flip the top, only to find the nastiest dirty diaper on the other side.

Sometimes, you make your exit as quickly as possible.

Sometimes you laugh. And are thankful for friends who say "I remember when our kids were young, I was just always tired."

Sometimes, you see the other side.

But you realize, that you are enjoying the ride.

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