Saturday, May 8, 2010

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This is my sixth Mother's Day.

It might be my seventh. I have weird memory and if I recall correctly, I was ovulating Mother's Day weekend in 2003--the month I got pregnant with Miss Rose.

I thought I had done a good job of capturing photos of me and my children each Mother's Day. I thought wrong! Perhaps other family members have photos they took, but I don't have as many as I recalled.

We lost several months worth of photos about four years ago. Including a photo of my first Mother's Day (2004). There is a hard copy of it somewhere. Which is of some comfort.

I didn't look back to check the exact date, but Miss Rose was dedicated in May 2004.  So these photos are circa-Mother's Day.  I actually remember being in church on my first Mother's Day because they were sending a pastor to get Starbucks drinks for various moms who qualified in different categories.  I had the youngest baby, so partway through the service I had a caramel macchiato in my hands!

In 2005, we took my Grandma out the day before Mother's Day.

(does this photo give you some clues as to which sister Lily favors?)

In 2006, we, well, I don't know. But I did find this photo from a week or two before Mother's Day.

Gracie-girl came about a month before Mother's Day in 2007. I remember being thrilled that I was a mom of two on Mother's Day. (Some good friends had their second child TODAY! How fun is that to have a brand-new baby for Mother's Day.)

Miss Rose sang her heart out in church that morning as a treat to the moms.

I guess in 2008 I thought it would be cool to take a picture of Bean and the girls on Mother's Day. From what I can tell, this photo was taken on Mother's Day...but I can't find any photos with me in them! The life of a mom....always behind the camera!

(and yes, Bean rocked earrings for several years. Until Miss Rose started playing sports, and he didn't want to be "that day" trying to look too young. Yes, that really was his reasoning for taking them out. I didn't mind, because I never was a huge fan of the earrings.)

Last year Mother's Day was special because we also dedicated Lily that day. Would you look at this? An actual photo of me AND the kids.

I happen to like this photo too. Smiling and posing like I'm a model...only I'm breastfeeding my baby. I love that someone captured this moment.

My NEW goal is a photo each Mother's Day with all my children. It probably won't always be picture perfect, but it will be us! Lilybug has been sick today. In fact, she's having a very hard time falling asleep tonight. I'm really hoping that she's more herself tomorrow. We don't have much planned, but even doing nothing will be nicer with a happy baby.

Happy Mother's Day friends!!! And don't forget to say a prayer for those this year who didn't get their wish to be a mom, and those mom's who don't have their children on this earth any longer. They are close to my heart this year as I reflect on how blessed I am.

If you missed it...check out yesterday's post on Motherhood also.

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