Thursday, June 10, 2010

I run

I had made the opportunity to run for an hour yesterday.  A whole.glorious hour.    It was amazing.  On so many fronts.  I had a lot of thoughts along my run.  That's one of the things about running.  It gives me time to think.  Even when I run with music (which is most of the time), I can actually think.

I run
     to clear my mind
   to release the toxins from my body
and from my soul

I run
    to feel.  Too often I push my feelings down.
When I run, the burning in my lungs, the strain in my muscles
     reminds me that it's okay to feel

I run
  away from my problems
  away from my worries, my stresses, my anxieties

I run out my agression
     my frustration, my disappointments

I run
   because it makes me feel strong, and confident
      because I do it for myself. 

I run away from my job, my family, my life.
     Then I turn around, and run right back to them. 
Because I have cleared my mind and my soul.  I've taken care of me.  And I want them again.

I run.  Because I run.  Because I'm a runner.

**do you want to become a runner?  check back tomorrow...**

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