Tuesday, June 15, 2010

more tidbits

Not much blogging energy lately.  But so much blog-worthy stuff!

Miss Rose was in a Kindergarten musical tonight.  So cute!  They don't do a promotion ceremony at her school (which I'm ok with) but the music teacher did a great job of putting "How Does Your Garden Grow" together with 100 Kindergarteners.  I will share photos soon.  Miss Rose was a farmer and was much more expressive then I expected her to be. 

Gracie pretty much lives in her own world.  It's funny.  Although not as intense, her glove obsession lives on.  We were at our neighbor's house and she came out of their kids' room with 2 different gloves, asking to wear them.  Her naps are being shortened, as she's been awake late at night, and we find random items--like a soccer cleat and a princess shoe in her bed.  She is great at randomly giving me a huge hug and saying "mommy, I love you so much."  Melts my heart.  Every time.

Lily is standing more and more independently.  She can get to a standing position straight from the floor and will stand there for up to a minute.  She's pretty proud of herself.  She doesn't really bend her knees at all, even in assisted walking.  So actual steps are at least a few weeks ago.  I'm holding out hope for the end of July perhaps.

As I stumbled out the front door this morning, baby on my hip, diaper bad and purse on my shoulder, Nalgene bottle and laptop case in hand, my neighbor commented on the hecticness that is my morning.  Sometimes, it's nice to get that random validation that yes, it's crazy and sometimes hard. 

I've decided to accept two things in my life. 

1.  Being tired pretty much every day is just the way it is for all moms of young children, whether you work or not.  Life is demanding.  Kids are demanding.  Not a day goes by that I don't see multiple posts on Facebook from mom-friends in all different stages of life, who are tired. 

2.  My house will never be organized and clean for very long while my children are this young.

Accepting these truths, doesn't always make them easier to swallow, but it helps me beat up on myself a little bit less.

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