Sunday, June 13, 2010

sunday worship

Do you play music in your house for your kids?

With the evolution of personal music players, like the iPod of course, having a home stereo system is less and less common.  Unless you have lots of money and cool surround sound.  Which I don't.  I babysat for a family in college that basically tore down their existing home and rebuilt a new one.  Part of their new home was a full-house sound system.  Each room had multiple built-in speakers with adjustable volume control.  It was pretty sweet!  But I doubt I will ever have a set up like that in my house.

I think when Bean and I first got married we had a CD player and radio as part of our entertainment system.  But at some point we sold it or gave it away.  I remember being bummed, since I love listening to music around the house and now my only option was through the TV speakers or computer--neither of which were good quality.  Very little music was played in our home.

I try to play music in the car a lot.  Miss Rose requested this CD for months, maybe even years!  She called it "Lollipop" since that's the first song.  Actually, when she was first learning to talk it sounded like "pall-op-a-lop.  So cute!  Currently, my children are addicted to this CD.  We started playing it around Easter, and it's still going strong.  While it's gotten very repetitive, I like that it's music and story without the visuals of a DVD.  My kids are learning some old Christian hymns as well as some fun songs--and using their imaginations! 

At Christmas we received a monetary gift that enabled us to purchase a Bose SoundDock for our iPod.  I had been requested some sort of docking station and of course Bean, being a man, has to go for the best.  And I am really glad that he did.

The sound from this machine is incredible!  It's so small, yet the music fills the room and it's fantastic quality.  But this isn't a review of the Bose SoundeDeck.

Music has once again filled our home.  Worship music mostly.  I made a playlist of some of my most favorite worship songs right now and we play it all the time.  It helps calm my spirit, it gives me something to do housework too--and worship and pray while I do it.

Most of all, my children are singing the songs.  It's absolutely incredible to hear your 3-yr old and 6-yr old singing "He loves us, oh how he loves us" almost under their breaths as they play or do stuff around the house.  Worship is becoming a part of their soul; the lyrics etching themselves into their minds.

Tonight as Miss Rose was cleaning her room fighting with me over cleaning her room, suddenly her demeanor changed, and even though the music wasn't playing, I heard her singing, "glory to God, glory to God, glory to God, forever."

My soul rejoiced.

How do you fill your home with worship?

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