Friday, July 16, 2010

the beat of her own drum

I'm a little bit exited that I can upload video here without using a hosting site.  I just figured this out, thanks to a quick question to my best friend Google.

So, after 17 months and 17 days, little miss Lily Cate finally decided to walk.  And by finally decided to walk, I mean she decided to show us the walking skills she has obviously had and been honing for a few months now.  Because she is no beginner.  Perhaps she would walk independantly when we were out of the room.  I don't know.  But she is sure good already.

On July 4th she took 2 steps from me to a couch.  Of course we tried to get a repeat all evening, but it never happened.  Yesterday I was told she took a couple tiny steps at Grandma's.  Last night I was putting the older girls in the car to get some frozen yogurt.  Bean came running outside to tell Lily took 5 steps. 

We were gone for about 40minutes.  And when we got home, Lily walked across half a room to greet me.  Seriously.

This video is from just a little later that night.  It certainly doesn't look like a child who just took their first steps only 90 minutes prior.  But my kids don't go with the flow.  They march to the beat of their own drummer.  Lily is no different.

There is lots of excitement up in this house.  The girls love trying to get Lily to walk.  Which means they are up in her face ALL the time.  She was still crawling today, but every now and then she'd get brave and walk.  And of course if I encouraged her to walk, she was all about it.

My back is very excited.  Of course it will be a bit before she's completely independant.  But we are one step closer.  AND I don't have to be grilled at our next doctor appointment about her lack of walking.

I wonder what other skills Lily is working on in secret.  Maybe something that will make us independantly wealthy?  One can hope.  Cause we would support a lot of cool ministries with that independant wealth and buy houses for our family and friends.  So, keep it up Lily.  Surprise us!

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