Monday, July 12, 2010

the first tantrum

See the cute little girl in purple on the far left?
That's Gracie, enjoying her first tumbling class. A local rec center offers a tumbling class for toddlers that's pretty affordable. Gracie is active, but it remains to be seen if she will be as sports-minded as Miss Rose. We definitely intend to put her in sports in a year or two. But we knew she would enjoy this 4-week tumbling class. She was very cute to watch and participated in everything.

See this screaming face?
That's Lily, throwing her first bonafide tantrum. Boy was she MAD that she couldn't join in on the fun. She spent the entire 45-minutes trying to crawl across the gym to the tumbling mat. She squirmed like she hasn't ever squirmed before in my arms.
And she cried, and she fussed and she whined and she screamed. I kept having to walk out into a hallway to calm her down. But Gracie wanted to see that I was there watching her, so I couldn't leave for long.
At one point I let Lily squirm down to the ground. She looked at me, waved and said "bye bye," then turned to crawl to the mat.
Towards the end, I finally gave up and would let her crawl away a short distance before calling her back. Or if she didn't come back, I'd run out to grab her. And if she noticed Gracie she'd wave like crazy saying "hi hi hi."
I have some video I took on the camera. I may try to upload it to share later this week.
I don't think Lily is going back to tumbling.
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