Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a night to remember

Perhaps my memory is foggy.  It does seem at times that my mind is wiped of past difficulties and challenges and what is the present is harder than what I remember.

Am I making sense here?  I don't think I am.

My point is, I could be wrong, and I probably am, but I would say that last night was the worst night with a sick child, of my mothering career, which is just 6 1/2 years long. 

I have been blessed with children who are good sleepers.  Well, they become good sleepers.  I read some books, talked to some friends and tried to pay attention to the natural routines of my children and they became good sleepers.  Naps are long and solid, and nightime sleep is at least 10 hours, sometimes even 12 hours.

Even when my kids are sick, they are good sleepers.  Sure they wake up more and need more comforting and sometimes medication for their ailment.  But they go back to sleep and I don't lose much sleep.

Not last night though.

Lily came down with a sudden fever in the evening.  No prior sign of illness.  I guess she woke from her nap a bit lethargic and my mother-in-law gave her some Motrin.  When we got home, she was pretty clingy and very fussy.  By 6:15pm, she was dozing off on Bean's lap.  VERY out of the ordinary for her.

I tried putting her down to bed a few times, but it didn't last long before she was crying.  Even with Motrin on board, her fever still raged.  At points I think it was above 104.  Finally I just went to bed and brought her with me, but the fever made her so miserable she couldn't sleep more than about 20 minutes at time.

We spent time walking around the house and sitting on the couch.  I did get to doze off with her several times when we were laying in bed, but it was never for long.  At some point Gracie came in our room crying, although it was hard to figure out why, and Bean went and laid with her for a while. 

Finally sometime between 3 and 4am I was able to give Lily her next dose of Motrin and she slept in her crib until about 8:30am.  That 4ish hours of sleep was much needed by me, but I woke up such a zombie.  It felt a bit like the Twilight Zone.  Did that really just happen?  Was I basically awake with a sick baby for 5 hours last night?

Lily is doing much better today.  Her fever is only running abound 101 and she's a bit more lively, although still clingy and fussy.

It was definitely a night to remember.  One I pray won't be repeated any time soon.  Although Lily is crying in her bed right now, so I need to go check on her.  She's napped well today, so I hope she'll sleep good tonight.  Mama is toast!  I worked about a half day today, and had to actually use my brain and interact meaningfully with my co-workers.  Quite a challenge!  But Starbucks helped immensely with that.

Off to check the baby.

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