Friday, July 2, 2010

She's a smart one!

I can't seem to muster the mental energy for a true blog post.

But a couple cute tidbits in the meantime...

As I am getting out of the van and need to unload the kids I always hit buttons to open the side doors automatically.  This morning, as the doors were opening in the Target parking lot I heard a crash--indicating Lily thought it was fun to drop or throw her sippy cup down.

I went to the door and looked around under the van and car next to us, but couldn't find it.  I thought perhaps I mis-identified the noise and began to look in the van for the cup.  Lily then began her customary "uh-uh-uh" sound and was pointing out beyond the cars next to us.  I looked where she was pointing and sure enough, there was the sippy cup rolling halfway down the parking lot. 

She's a smart one folks!  She may not walk, but she knew what I was looking for and found it for me.  Little stinker!

Today, I brought the last of my baby items to a crisis pregnancy center.  I usually sell a lot of my items, but these were good items that probably wouldn't sell for much and would be much more useful to someone in need--like Born Free bottles, changing table covers, assorted clothes and my cherished breast pump and pumping supplies.  It felt good to donate it. 

While we were at the crisis center, Miss Rose said to me, "why aren't you selling this stuff so you can get money?"  I guess my ebaying and craigslisting habits have rubbed off a bit on her.  Apparently I need to emphasize blessing those in need as well.

And, a lady at the crisis center asked me if Lily was 9 months old.  Um, she's almost twice that age, and is average-sized for her age.  Kinda surprising from a woman who probably sees babies all day!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

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