Monday, July 26, 2010

a ticket to the circus

Although sometimes I want to change my blog name again, we truly are a circus.  My sister stopped by for a short time this weekend and our circus status is never quite as glaring as when an "outsider" visits.  We get used to the chaos, but fresh eyes see it in a new way.

Here's your ticket to some recent happenings.

Remember when Lily threw her first tantrum?

She hasn't trantrumed like that since, although she's getting a bit sassy with her sisters.  Usually they are invading her space or taking a toy from her and she's starting to assert her will.  "No" is one of her most frequently used words.  Although the "o" sound is usually very faint and it's just a long "nnnnnn".

Lily also likes to give us a big "thbbbbt" (what the heck is that called, by the way??), a move she learned from her big sister Gracie.  When I say or do something she doesn't like, she'll look right at me and "thbbbt".  It's lovely.

Now that I figured out how to upload videos to the blog, here is a little more from that day.

It's actually rather cute.  You can see Gracie doing her monkey walk, and Lily is quite determined to get to her, and actually distracts her sister for a moment.  (And if you don't already know it, you can catch Gracie's first name too)

Now that Lily can walk, she's been allowed back to Tumbling.  She's pretty content to walk partway to the mat, and then will come back when called.  She walked about a week after the first Tumbling incident.  One of my friends commented that perhaps she started walking just so she could join Tumbling.

Miss Rose, well she may not be invited back.  She came with me for the first time this past week and felt the need to demonstrate her ability to do a bridge, while wearing a skirt.  A skill she also demonstrated to her aunt, in the middle of the sidewalk, while we were on a walk.  Again, wearing a skirt.

She's such a tomboy, I'm always thrilled when she decides to dress "girly."  I guess we will need to have some more lessons on modesty.  And laying down on a sidewalk covered with leaves too.

Oh, and Gracie?  She untied my dress on Sunday morning as we were leaving the Children's building.  Lily was in one hand and my other hand was full of stuff.  Luckily the tie was just for looks and not crucial to my staying clothed.  It would have been more trouble to tie it again, so I just decided to roll with it.  Gracie thought it was such fun to hang onto the strings and basically drive me like a pony.  As I walked across the front of the church entrance, as everyone was leaving.  I'm sure we were a sight to behold.

I'm telling you, it's a circus around here!

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