Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fit Friday: inspiration and motivation

I'm a little spent this week and am not feeling very creative in the writing department and I can't even think of a particular topic to share on for Fit Friday.  The past week has actually been really good in the eating and exercising department.  My higher protein, yet balanced eating plan is really making a difference~to the tune of 3 pounds on the scale. 

Today though, I've been a bit off plan.  Which is ok.  Sometimes you need a day.  I haven't binged, I just have eaten more carbs and less protein than other days.  And I skipped my workout.  But I plan to hit the treadmill hard in the morning.

Recently, I've started following several running and fitness blogs that I find inspiring.  Check them out!

Run Like A Mother I really want to read their new book, but I'm too cheap to buy it right now.  Waiting until my library gets it.  Get your Kleenex box ready and read about The Power Of a 20-Minute Run.

Fitness Cheerleader Her most recent post is about Interval Running Workouts for Beginners.

Trainer Momma I love her healthy recipes--which are pretty kid friendly too.  I recently printed several out to give them a try.  Now to find a breadmaker at a garage sale or something.  I also like her Eat With Me feature.

I can't leave out my beloved Shredheads.  Those of us who love to hate Jillian Michaels.  The archives on this blog are rich with first-hand stories, tips and inspiration to keep it up and take at least 20 minutes for yourself each day.

Honorable mentions

Workout Mommy

Running with Cake

Racing Dawn

Racing With Babes

The (Mis)Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom

Happy reading and may you find some inspiration!

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