Saturday, August 14, 2010

fun in the sun

We had a little family getaway this weekend.
Weekends always end early for us, because Sunday is a workday for me.
But our getaway started Wednesday night, so it felt like a whole weekend.

A good friend invited us to join her at a timeshare in the desert.
The execution of the trip was great.
We had a few speed bumps that threatened to derail us, but we prevailed.
(more on that another time, cause it's too good not to share.)

Then, it turned out, our friend wasn't even able to come due to unexpected issues with the purchase of home.
(She got everything worked out, so it was a good think she didn't come.)

So, we went on our friend's vacation without her. Kinda funny. But a blessing for us, since we have no means of our own to getway.
A few days in the heat of desert is fun, especially when you have air conditioning to come back into.
The girls loved the pools and the lazy river.
Even Lily got in on the action--she liked the 1-foot kiddie pool--a true answer to prayer since she has detested every body of water besides the bath I've had her in.
In her defense, the kiddie pool pretty much felt like a bath, so why not enjoy it.
We ended our trip with another trip to lunch with good friends and a stop off to visit my sister on our way home.
Here's a few of their offspring. Guess who that sweet baby on my lap is?

Bean has a few more days off to hang out with the kids while his mom is out of town.
I work this week, and then I have an entire week off with the kids.
I'm dubbing it Kidsweek 2010. All about mama and the kiddos having fun, enjoying summer and soaking each other up.
As crazy as they drive me somtimes, I can never get enough of them.

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