Thursday, August 26, 2010

splish splash

Lily has been very cautious and trepedacious when it comes to water. All my kids have been a bit leary when it comes to swimming in a large pool. However, when they were with me, they were usually ok. Not Lily though. Earlier this summer when I tried taking her in a pool a few times, she clung to me for dear life, as far up my side as to keep her feet out of the water and wimpered the whole time.
I was thrilled when she finally enjoyed the water on our desert getaway a few weeks ago. I think it was the combination of the warmth of the water and the air, and the kiddie pool where she could walk and crawl. She even enjoyed the big pool with me. But don't put her in a baby floatation device. She did NOT like being unsupported by another person.

Last week we ventured to a local Sprinkler Park. I hear them called "Splash Pads" around cyberspace, but I guess that term hasn't made it to Southern California yet. As always, I expected Lily to want nothing to do with the water, even though she was on speaking terms with the pool now. I didn't even put her in a swimsuit, or bring one for that matter.
But Lily is closing in on 19 months, and apparently gaining courage with each passing day. She quickly decided playing in the water was fun and she was even confident enough to walk around without much concern for staying near me. I figured it was better to let her roam "topless" than dragging a wet dress around. [don't worry, I put sunscreen on her]

She had a blast!!

Sister love!! Miss Rose was somewhere, but she was kind of doing her own thing and not around the little girls.

Lily even ventured to touch the water and let it spray her face a bit.

Gracie and a potential husband. T-Bear is right between Gracie and Lily. We figure he could easily end up with either girl. Gracie is clearly trying to get his attention with some cleavage here. Dang girl!!

Summer has finally arrived in Southern California. And although my electric bill is going to be a bit more painful, we are enjoying the heat. School starts in just over a week, so we have to live it up now!
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