Sunday, September 26, 2010

groundhog minute

It was one of those days.  Nothing particularly wrong with it.  No big catastrophe or incident.

Just one of those days that something small happens..and then something else...and then something else. Kids not listening, baby crying, kids being feisty, mama being weary, daddy longing for a day of football from the couch.  You know.

My sister-in-law put a status on Facebook the other day about every day feeling like Groundhog Day.  When you are a mom of young kids--it definitely does.  Some days, I think it's more like Groundhog Minute.

As in, how many times do I need to tell Lily to sit down in the bath?  Cause I do it once a minute.

And how many times do I need to tell Gracie to sit up in the bath instead of laying down, taking up all the space and basically sprawling her ladyparts right in front of Lily.  Yes, I went there.  Or telling her to quit sticking her booty in the air, shaking it at Lily and laughing because Lily was slapping it.  Yes, it happened.  Tonight.

I told Miss Rose to go get her jammies on after her shower.  5 minutes later she comes sliding in to the bathroom (I'm sure I was in the midst of saying one of the above things) in her underware, a terrycloth headband on her head and large thick black glasses frames.  Kinda like when Kramer is an underwear model on Seinfeld.

Sure it was funny, and I laughed.  But then she went off---not in the direction of her room--where her jammies were.  And when I called out, she got annoyed with me.  And claimed she didn't remember what she was supposed to be doing.  REALLY!?  FOR THE LOVE.

Oh, did I mention how Lily peed on the floor and then slipped in it and fell, in the 45 seconds it took me to throw her poopy diaper away?  She was going in the bath next, and usually a minute or two of nakedness doesn't have a catastrophic end.

And then...and then...and then.

Thankfully, we had the kids bathed--and then did a whole house clean up--and all the oral hygiene routines completed.  Speaking of oral hygiene's a serious production around here.  Making sure there is 2 full minutes of brushing, and the flossing and the flouride rinse.  We recently gained a second functional bathroom, which makes these routines much easier.  Because Gracie stands on a stool, while Lily tries to climb on it as well.  So the fact that Miss Rose can do her stuff in the other bathroom is amazing.

I'm really glad we are starting the week off with a relatively clean home (even the shoe basket is emptied!) and the kids laundry is clean.

We ended the night with Miss Rose reading to Bean while I played babies with Gracie.  (I was "Abuela" from Dora).  Lily flits back and forth between us.

It was a good ending to the day.

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