Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I took Miss Rose to Karate for the first time tonight.  I've been wanting to take her for over a year now, but it just never seemed to work into our schedule...or I didn't make it work into the schedule.  But since she didn't want to play soccer this Fall, I thought it was a good time to try it out. Our church has a completely amazing free karate program.  It's super legit and they have over 100 people coming (many of whom are from the community) coming twice a week.

Miss Rose has a pretty strong Type A personality.  She loves plans and routines and she thrives with them.  Karate seemed like a good fit for those tendancies.  Plus, the control and discipline required in martial are great for kids to learn. And Miss Rose is very athletic and needs an outlet for energy.

It was just our first week, but Miss Rose loved it!  And she seemed to pick up on some skills pretty quickly.  I didn't watch the entire instruction time, but she came home with several moves already that weren't sloppy, but seemed controlled.  We'll wait several weeks before we invest in the Gi to make sure she wants to continue her involvement. 

Miss Rose is often rather ambivalent about various activities and experiences.  It was neat to see her engaged and animated tonight.  I really do hope this sticks.

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