Thursday, September 16, 2010

running through my head

In light of all the running I'm doing these days, I thought that was a pretty catchy title for a "stream of consciousness" blog! 

Speaking of running, that's pretty much what I've been doing all day.  We fell way behind in housework this week.  I say "we" because Bean is a huge contributor to household work.  In fact, further solidifying his nomination for husband of the year, twice this week I have gone for a run when Bean got home from work, while he started dinner.  I tell ya, he rocks.  I'm on par for 19 miles this week, just 1 mile shy of this week's training schedule.

I really thought as Lily got older, the whole working mom with young kids thing would get easier.  It's not.  Now I have a baby becoming a toddler who has a lot of opinions and can express her needs and loudly if necessary.  And a feisty 3yr old.  And an intense 6yr old.  It may be different than having a baby, but it's definitely not easier.  I'm still coming to terms with this.

I'm proud of all I got accomplished today.  When I've just busted my tail at work for 4 days, it can be hard to do the same at home.  But it's gotta be done.  I got sheets changed on all the beds and have done boatloads of laundry and sorted a lot of clothes.  Getting out the fall stuff, even though it's still warm.  Usually we don't need our warmer clothes until late October or November.

Bean went to Open House at Miss Rose's school tonight.  I guess she cried for quite a while on the first day of school.  We knew she was crying when we left (same as last year) but staying longer would have only made it worse.  I guess I'm glad I'm just now finding out that it lasted a while.  She only cried that first day.  In reviewing some classwork sent home, Miss Rose had to draw and label her favorite foods.  They were: donuts, mac&cheese, ice ceam, pizza & steak.  She's a kid I guess (maybe not the steak part.  She can't get enough of the tri-tip we BBQ).

Gracie & Miss Rose had dentist appointments today.  Apparently we need to devote an hour each night to dental care.  Miss Rose STILL isn't brushing well or long enough.  And she needs to floss more.  And she HAS to brush every morning.  Gracie has very tight teeth, so flossing is crucial for her--something we hadn't started yet.  Miss Rose uses a flouride rinse each night, and until Gracie can learn to swish & not swallow we have to brush some of the liquid on her teeth.  I'm starting to think our diet isn't as balanced as I'd like to think it is.  Or I'm a delinquent parent in this area. 

But this....
Makes me smile.  A lot.  I am blessed.

(shout out to @Esined615 for being obsessed with taking photos of my kids--it really works in my benefit, and to HJ for playing around with it!  My friends rock.)

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