Monday, September 13, 2010

sweet memories

I came home later in the evening a few weeks ago to a partially built a storage unit for the girls' room {which by the way I LOVE} and Lily sitting on Bean's lap on the couch.  The assembly required mostly hammering, which kept waking her up.  Apparently the older girls had some difficulty going to sleep as well.  But Bean was determined to finish the project.  I cuddled Lily, then laid her down again.

The assembly continued, and so did Lily's crying.  Bean was very close to being done, so I just got her up for the remainder of the time.  Bean had asked me to make chocolate chip cookies earlier, so I figured Lily and I would just get started on it.

Can you see in her eyes that she is so tired, and she's been crying?  The Kitchen Aid Mixer, a gift from our wedding party 9 years ago.  An amazing gift that I've used so much.  Measuring cups & spoons also from our wedding.  I think maybe they'll last another 10 years.
{don't ya just LOVE the hardware on the cabinets?  someday we'll change them}

Look Mom!  Your new trick of using mini chocolate chips is great.  The perfect amount of chocolate in every bite.  (a wonderful friend must have suggested this to you!  she sometimes reads your blog and needs to know that her recipe is a new family favorite)

{is there anything more precious than a baby in a white onsie?  I don't know why, but I'm a sucker for it!  Lily is nearing the end of her onsie days, which makes me a bit sad}

Sure, why not.  I'll just eat the whole bite.

I love when I just embrace the moment.  I'm not always good at that.  I easily get stuck in my routines and my rules.  But this night, I threw them out and baked some cookies with my baby at 9pm.  It's a wonderful memory I now have, and can share photos of with her in years to come.

Oh, she is so sweet. 

It gives me butterflies in my tummy and my heart aches I love her so much.  I am definitely not ready for her to lose her baby-ness.  She is my lover-girl.  She often thinks we are still attached by an umbilical cord and would like to climb back in my uterus.  Which sometimes drives me crazy.  But mostly, I just hold her and carry her.  Because before I know it, those days will be over.

I just might go pick her up and cuddle her before I go to bed tonight.

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