Saturday, October 30, 2010

13 things about 13 miles

I did a 13-mile training run today.  I find it interesting that I did a training run for the same distance I'll be running in two weeks for the race, but whatever.  I knew I chose an aggressive training schedule and I guess it's confirmed.  I have to run 11 miles next week--just 1 week before the half marathon.  But if it gets me anywhere near my goal, I'm happy.

So, here are my thoughts on today's run.

1.  13 is no joke.  It's not 10 miles.  It's 13.  Had I been able to stop at 10, I would have felt pretty good.  Those last 3 miles stretched on FOREVER.  It didn't help that I ended up on a very boring road at the end.  I was supposed to be on a path on the other side of the road, but I never saw the entry to it

2.  It's time to get a running belt, or at least a fanny pack.  I ran with a nylon drawstring backpack because I needed somewhere to put my keys, my power bar and my phone.  It flopped around a bit and would get lopsided.  Kind of annoying, but it did the job.

3.  It's also time for a running belt because I was THIRSTY.  I stopped a few times to drink from drinking fountains, but there were none the last 5 miles or so.  I was dying.  It was mid-afternoon by then and while not blazing hot, the sun was shining.  I figured a water bottle in the nylon backpack would have been really annoying.

4.  Morning runs are ideal.  But not possible today since it rained until about 11am.  I spent my morning w/ kids, cleaning, vacuuming etc.  Probably not the best way to spend the hours leading up to 13 miles.  Could perhaps explain why it was so tough at the end.

5.  Did I mention that 13 miles is long?  As of this moment, marathon training seems asinine.  Not that I was planning to train for one anytime soon, but it just got put off even longer.

6.  Is there a better city to live in and be a runner then San Diego? I had so many great options for my route today, running by the bay or ocean.  Cost of living is the pits, but it was so gorgeous today.

7.  I didn't get lost! I was a bit nervous about this since I was running a new route and I'm not always the best at common sense when it comes to directions.  Like I said, I did end up on the opposite side of the street at the end, but it had a running path and still got me to where I was going.

8.  Everything hurt after today.  My legs, my abs, my lower back.  I may be in a wheelchair tomorrow.

9.  I'm really thankful my Nike+ didn't end early today.  It's been doing that lately, and so I have to restart it, which is annoying.  I've been wanting a Garmin more and more.  I've proved I can be a serious runner, and Garmins are for real.

10.  I don't recommend going to Sea World for an hour with the family after running 13 miles.  Your legs will really hurt.  And your 22 month old will want to be held instead of ride in the stroller, and she'll just want to be held by you--and you'll have really tired legs. 

11.  Going for pizza with the family though, is a good idea.  I don't know if I've ever enjoyed pizza so much as I did tonight.

12.  It's hard to say which was harder--running 13 miles or changing the baby's poopy diaper as she stood in a small bathroom stall---while the 3yr old pooped on the toilet.  Honestly folks.  Did I need to have 3 daughters?  My husband gets out of SO many bathroom trips.  As I crouched on the floor, praying the diaperless baby doesn't pee on the floor with my quads on fire, it really did rival those 13 miles.  Or at least the last 3 killer ones.

13.  If I can do a training run in the middle of the day, after a night of very broken sleep involving a feverish baby in my bed, without any water access at the end, in 2 hours and 15 minutes, certainly I can do at least that well in my race.  If I come in anywhere under 2:15, I'll be very pleased.

Now please excuse me while I stretch again and then hobble to bed.  I just hope I can get out of bed in the morning.

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