Sunday, October 31, 2010

costumes & photos!

I know that today was Halloween, but really--for us, it's a time the kids dress up in costumes and get candy!  I avoid all the scary, ghoulish stuff as much as possible.  Although, thanks to school influence Miss Rose did request a few "scary" costumes, but I told her those weren't options.

I seem to always put off sharing photos and events--which means it never happens.  So, I'm disciplining myself to share!

If I had Photoshop and the time

I would take Miss Rose from this photo...

And Gracie from this photo...

With Lily from this one...

And we'd have a super cute picture of our three little beans.  But I think all the pictures are pretty cute anyways, and capture different elements of our children.
In case you need clarification, Miss Rose is Jessie from Toy Story.  I did not get the memo to purchase costumes prior to October that most other parents got.  So in early October when we went to find a costume--they were completely out.  In stores and online.  So we settled for Woody (and got the last costume in her size in the store) and a pink Cowboy hat.

I was pretty happy this year that I already had Lily's costume and Gracie's was $3 at a yard sale and we already had the shoes (which were hand me downs).  I bought Lily's costume for her last year, but it runs huge and just fit her this year.

Speaking of Lily.  She really should have been a model for this costume.  I mean, does it get any cuter than this?

 You can't quite tell, but the tights are green and purple striped with a flower on the side.  There are also matching slippers, but we didn't want to ruin them walking outside.  Seriously adorable.

Gracie was in heaven riding this pony.  She had to do it again before the night was over.

Of course Miss Rose looked quite the part as the cowgirl.

Again, no such thing as a perfect picture with 6 kids age 6 and under.  (only the biggest cousin missing in this photo of one side of the family)

And finally, a photo taken by a friend.

It was a fun night and I love my family!

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