Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I think I may change my blog name to Never A Dull Moment.  Because honestly, there isn't one.  Although I'd really like a dull moment, or a lot of dull moments.

I figure its this way for everyone with kids, young kids, many kids.  Please tell me it's true.  So often, when I recount whats going on in my life I feel like people look at me funny.  But honestly, I want a dull life.

So Lily was sick all last weekend.  Sunday morning was finally her last fever.  Which reminds me, I didn't give her the antibiotic before bed.  Sigh.  Should be real fun to give it to her while she's asleep.

Tuesday morning started out just lovely, when I couldn't find my house & work keys.  My car keys detach from them and I usually have to trade cars with my mother-in-law when she watches the kids.  I remembered Lily trying to use the keys on the door and being mad that she couldn't reach and I wouldn't lift her up.  I scoured the house in the usual spots, but no dice.  Luckily I live in an ok area, my parents are next door and Bean was coming home at lunch for an appointment.

While in my weekly Tuesday meetings I get texts that Gracie has a tummy ache and Bean has decided to get the girls when he comes home.  I offer to come home after my meetings so he can go back to work.  I spent the afternoon working while Gracie and Lily slept.  Gracie had some little stomach bug that caused some trips to the bathroom and one vomit.  And a night in mom and dad's bed.

My sister in law, who watches the kids on Wednesdays was sick--and we also didn't want to risk Gracie spreading any germs.  I got up and went to work from 7:30am-10:30am.  Came home and Bean went to work.  In between caring for kids, I worked another solid 3 hours.  It is nice that I can work from home often.  Although I always feel bad for my assistant when I do because she gets about eighty-thousand emails from me. 

There were a couple things I forgot at work.  Like email lists on my computer that I HAD to send emails to.  So when Bean got home at 5:30, I headed back to work for another hour+.  Got home, inhaled some dinner and finished helping Bean get kids in bed.

Did I mention that today is our 9th anniversary?  We didn't have any plans, especially since it's the middle of the week and we are broke anyways.  But still, it's been a long, stressful day.  Thankfully Gracie woke up and was pretty much back to normal.  She ate and played most of the day as always.  

Tomorrow Lily has a well-baby check.  I'm thrilled that they won't play Twenty Questions about her not walking, since she has been walking a few months now.  But she's supposed to get shots.  Which should make her super happy the rest of the day.  She's doing a lot of whining and complaining and demanding lately.  I pretty much want to put her on the street corner in a box by the end of most days.  Yet somehow, I love her so fiercely.

Once again, life has sucked the blog out of me!  I'd rather blog about fun stuff!

Someday it will be dull, and I'll look fondly back to these days.


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