Sunday, October 10, 2010


I prepared this post, then never got to link up on Friday, so I figured I'll just do it now!
I actually remember a few funny things my kids said this week, so I'm linking up with my lifelong friend over at Triple Blessing!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have caught this earlier in the week.

You may think this is going to be about Gracie.  But no, it's about the girl in the skirt.

This weekend we were in the mountains for a few days.  On Friday morning we headed out for a walk around the town.  Really it was a walk to the candy store where Bean and I found out what we've been missing in caramel apples.  Yum!  Anyhow, Miss Rose had dressed herself in a skirt and tank top.  She has been venturing more into the world of skirts.  As we leisurely walked down the street Miss Rose said "Mama, I'm not wearing any panties."  WHAT!  She just "didn't feel like it."  Luckily she kept it tame while we were out and about.  When we got back to the house she took a flying leap off a couch--and well, you know.  Bean insisted it was time for panties at that point.

**TMI Alert!**
Miss Rose has asked me before what tampons were for.  I've been able to answer really vaguely and trail off without truly answering her.  Yesterday Lily walked out with one in her hand, Miss Rose following and laughing.  She said to me "I know what those are for.  X told me."  "Oh really, what did she tell you?"  "She said that blood comes out of your bottom when you have too many babies."  Hmmm...well, that's all a 6yr old needs to know in my book.  My sister-in-law tells her son they are mommy band-aids.  Love that one!

Lily...everything she says these days is funny because she is just learning to talk.  One of my favorite things though is when we are in the car and turning a DVD on.  Lily is still rear-facing, but if she turns her head she gets a view of the movie.  I control the DVD from the front, but of course can't see the screen.  We skip the previews and go to the menu.  When the menu comes up, the girls love to call out "menu" to me so that I push play.  I never push play fast enough for them--or the DVD player doesn't respond as quickly as they'd like.  So they yell "menu" over and over again until the movie starts.  It's real fun.  For a few months now, Lily has been joining in.  Although even after the movie starts, she still says "menu--menu--menu" over and over again.  You know you want to to go for a ride with us!

Gracie gets my award for the week though.  We spent our time in the mountains with friends, who have a son named Mateo.  We don't see them as often as I'd like, so even though Gracie has met him and played with him before, this was the first time she forged a true friendship with him.  But she had a little trouble with his name.  In the past, she has called him "Potato."  But all weekend she called him "Mateto" (rhymes with Potato).   He's 4, and he would catch it every so often and correct her.  We laughed all weekend!!

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