Sunday, October 3, 2010

helllooo out there

I think it's Winnie the Pooh who says that line often in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Tonight I'm calling out hello to you from my own Hundred Acre Wood.  Blogging time has been scarce as of late.  I miss writing out my thoughts and sharing my little family and life.

*a few snippets from life*

Miss Rose has been experimenting with her feminine side--wearing more skirts and jewelry.  School picture day was last week and I thought perhaps this year she'd wear something cute.  In her Pre-K photo she wanted to wear her school tshirt.  Last year it was a tshirt with a dog on it.  We chose a skirt and cute shirt with a flower the night before.  And I believe she did put it on at first.  The next thing I knew, she was wearing a tshirt with a silly owl on it, with the skirt of course.  I couldn't really convince her to change back--and it wasn't a fight worth fighting.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Speaking of skirts, this weekend Miss Rose headed out in a skirt, and then told me that she wasn't wearing any underwear.  She just "didn't feel like wearing any."  Um, hello!  Kinda required with a skirt.  It's one thing to go commando in shorts or pants (not that I would endorse it) but a skirt??  Luckily she stayed tame on the outing.  But once we got back she did some jump off the furniture, exposing herself--to which Bean insisted she go put panties on.

Lily is giving us a run for our money.  She was pretty sick from Wednesday night on.  As in a fever of 104.9 on Thursday.  That's not a fun number to see on the thermometer.  I took her in to the doctor and she had the beginnings of an ear infection.  She started antibiotics that night, but ran a fever all weekend.  She was either grumpy or clinging to me.

We spent a few days in the mountains this weekend with some good friends.  It's our third time renting a particular house with these friends and just spending time together.  It was relaxing and fun.  Except for the sick baby part.  But I'd rather be taking care of a sick baby in a super nice, big house full of people we love instead of at home.

I've missed my last few Fit Friday blogs.  I'm plugging along with my training.  I did miss my long run this weekend due to our trip and Lily being sick.  I had wanted to run while we were there--but vacation and time together was the goal and I wasn't going to cram something in that wasn't easily happening.

Bean and I celebrate 9 years of marriage this week!  Since we were just out of town this weekend, that will be our main celebration although I'm sure we'll try to get out for a date sometime. I wish we were buying an iPad for our anniversary.  One of our friends were with this weekend is a teacher and was given one to use in her classroom and we all had so much fun with it!  But we are really trying to hone in on paying off debt, so stuff like that just has to wait.

Well, I need to go put away laundry that's covering our bed, so that we can go to bed.  Hopefully I'll be back to this little blogging space before too long this week!

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