Thursday, October 14, 2010

the hook up

We are blessed to get a lot of "hook-ups" in life.
I believe this is one way God provides for our needs and blesses us with "wants" because we are faithful and obedient in our giving to him.

This was a couple weekends ago when went to the mountains with good friends we don't get to see nearly often enough. We rented this HUGE house for peanuts! HUGE= to die for top of the line kitchen, 4 bedrooms with full bathrooms complete with jacuzzi tubs and showers.
The kids favorite part is this huge coffee table they play on, sit on, walk on.
Me and the Bean. These are the friends who gave Bean his nickname long ago. Mateo (aka Matato) only calls him "Beaner" which bothered Gracie a little--"his name is Daddy!"
Who knew, when these guys started calling their buddy "Beaner" that he would one day fall in love with a girl nicknamed Beana and they would have a little Bean Family.

What a great table for Legos! We love having Uncle K there too. He loves playing with the kids.

I want to go back already. Even though I had to care for a very sick Lily much of the time, doing it in a nice big luxurious house made it not so bad!
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