Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My mother-in-law was watching my children today.  She had a doctor's appointment, so I came home early.  I left one job to come to my other job.  I maybe almost a full-time employee, but I am always a full time mom.  Which is a job, and it isn't a job.  There are responsibilities that come with being a mom, which can be tiring and repetitive.  But that's the job that I love and cherish above all.  (besides being a wife to my handsome husband of course)  Sometimes I complain and get frusterated.  But still I love it.

This, is reality at my mom job.  It's the "end" of my workweek.  And we had a friend over last night, so we didn't do some of our regular "after the kids are in bed" clean up.

A sinkful (and counter-full) of dishes.  This photo almost looks vintage because of the sun streaming through the window and the super old tile and faucet.

Bean got clothes washed last night, but I didn't get it put away yet.  And various life paraphernalia.

Our bedroom.  Just messy.  

The little girls are sleeping in the other two rooms, but theirs look much the same. And the bathrooms too.  All of this is cleaned up in probably less than an hour.  In fact I've already done the dishes and the clothes are now folded on a made bed, waiting to be put away.

This is reality.  Pretty typical.  Small kids.  Small home.  Two working parents.  Full life.

Most of the time, I'm okay with it.  Sometimes, it drives me crazy and makes me feel like a complete failure.  But I have to resist perfection on the outside and focus first on loving my kids well and doing my jobs well. 

Even Jesus had dirty feet.  {because he walked all day in the dirt, you know}

I'm linking up for the first time with Working Mommy Wednesday over at Work, Wife, Mom...Life.  It's always wonderful to find other working moms who are making it work just like me!

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