Tuesday, October 19, 2010

running through my head

I'm a processor.  That's for sure.  This is one of the places I like to process things.  Hence, what's running through my head.

We met a dog today.  We've been talking on and off about getting a dog and Bean has pretty much promised the kids we'd get one.  We're still waiting to receive a grant that will enable us to do more upgrades on our house.  Our line has been "we'll look for a dog when construction is done."  But we've been waiting for almost a year now.  {love county programs}  We found out about a free golden retriever and decided to meet him.  He's sweet and beautiful.  But he hasn't had much formal training and needs to be neutered.  My friend who loves goldens and has one, says they are people-pleasers, and are easy to train.  But we still aren't sure.

It's major crack-down time on Miss Rose's attitude.  I really need a manual with this girl.  She's so disrespectful to adults that are family, including us.  She is sassy and has attitude.  We correct her all the time, and discipline, but it's not working.  I'm honestly at a loss as to how to get through to her on this.  The last few days have been a bit better with a privilege tomorrow on the line.  But it's so exhausting.

I need Gracie's manual too.  Miss Rose's attitude has a direct influence on her.  She's a feisty one lately.  Part is just being 3.5 I think, but she sees and hears her sister.  And so does Lily.  I've observed her copying the pouting and protests.  Not good.

I'm going to be a parent helper on Miss Rose's field trip to the pumpkin patch on Thursday.  She is very excited because it's her first field trip ever, and her first ride on the school bus.  She's very excited about me going as well.  As a working mom, I don't get to volunteer regularly in her classroom, so I try to do a few special events during the year. Even though I have two weekdays off, it means paying for additional childcare for the little ones.  I'm sure it will be insane (the entire first grade is going) but lots of fun

Sometimes I feel like I still live in a dorm, or a college apartment.  We are still in the process of figuring out systems and routines in this home.  Yes, we've lived here almost two years--but a lot has gone on in those years, not leaving much time.  Our 2nd bathroom was finally completed thanks to my brother, but we need to get shelving and storage in it.  Our sink and the toilet tank are covered in bathroom paraphernalia that doesn't have a place to go.  Our bed has never had a bedskirt.  We have a very unorganized book shelf.  There is always random stuff on the kitchen counter.  I really want a buffet or console unit or small dresser for the living room that will provide covered storage, drawers and still be classy.  Someday...

Lily has the worst habit of waking up randomly and crying.  Usually after a minute of consolation she goes back in her bed and to sleep.  But it happens a few times an evening, and sometimes through the night.  I'm not sure why she cries.  And I wonder if our consolation only perpetuates the issue.  But she's my last baby and I hate hearing her cry.  {she's crying right now...hence this paragraph.  I want to see if she'll go back to sleep on her own, but I'll probably give in soon and go in.  Or send Bean in.}

I'm scheduled to run 6 miles tomorrow.  My Wednesday runs have to be in the morning due to evening church.  The actual running of those miles isn't a problem, it's the time required.  I'll finish in under an hour, but then it's a mad rush to have Ella ready for school and myself ready for work.  I'm so lucky that Bean does a lot before he leaves.  He gets Miss Rose up and going and whatever else is needed.

So, that's what's been running through my head.  What's running through yours?

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