Saturday, October 16, 2010


There are still hours left in this day, but I'm pretty confident I'll be able to label it a Perfect 10.  It's been a wonderful day, in many ways!

The kids slept until 7am today.  That's pretty unheard of for a weekend.  We (usually Bean) wakes Miss Rose up at 6:30am for school, and since Gracie shares a room with her--she gets up too.  Lily usually sleeps (or at least stays in bed until 7am).  Even on weekends the kids are often up by 6:30.  Last week, or was it a few weeks ago they were up at 6am on a Saturday because Miss Rose's allergies were bothering her.  That was brutal!

A good 10-mile training run today!  Spent an hour or so with the family and got some food and water in me--then headed out.  Even though I've run 9 miles, 10 miles is still intimidating.  My course out is challenging--I have to run up some decent inclines for the first 3 miles or so.  I've learned I never feel that great for the first few miles.  Once I get past 2 or 2.5 miles I'm more in my stride.  I brought a few pieces of Power Bar with me today to eat at the halfway point and that really helped.  I was classy and put them in a plastic bag, which I tucked in my shorts. I don't want to buy a running belt--and I don't really like wearing one either (I've borrowed one before).  My method worked and I was pretty proud of myself.

I'm feeling more confident about the half marathon next month.  It's weird, but 10:30 is a pace I have a really hard time running.  I just can't find a groove there.  I usually end up with my long runs being around a 10:00min pace.  Today I think I was just under 10:00.  If I can do that pace on an "easy" run that involves hills--certainly I can stick with around a 9:30 (or less??) pace on race day--which is flat and easy.

I ran by a yard sale with a lot of kid stuff during my first mile and was excited on my way back 90 minutes later, that the stuff that caught my eye was still there.  After I got home the two older girls and I drove over to check it out.  We came home with a princess castle and figurines, a princess costume (for Gracie for Halloween), an Aquadoodle mat, and bath flutes (don't ask... I didn't realize what I was buying) for $10.  All this after yesterday I tweeted about too many toys.  Oh well.  We have too many toys the kids don't play with (and I made a no stuffed animal rule for the yard sale) and these are things they will get use of.

My sister showed up unexpectedly and it was nice to visit with her for a bit.  Her job brings her into the area for the week so hopefully I will see her a few more times and I'm trying to talk her into a long (slow) run with me next week.  She's running the same half marathon, but has been super busy at work and hasn't been able to train much.

It was a drizzly morning and its a gray day.  Perfect for staying indoors and put-zing around.  Bean cleaned out the van, because he loves that stuff.  Well, he doesn't love cleaning but he loves a clean van.  We're going to a Pop Warner football game this evening to cheer on the cheerleaders (obvs one is a frield!)

Yup, I'd give this day a perfect 10.  It was just what we needed.  I'll take another please!

And just because...

Me and my babies a few weeks ago.  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city!

And not to leave her out, here is Miss Rose, refusing to join us in the picture. 

Have a great rest of your weekend!  Hope you have a perfect 10 day too.

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