Saturday, November 6, 2010

rough run

Most of my runs are pretty enjoyable.  It takes me a mile or two to find my groove, especially for longer runs, but I find it.  I may have minor discomfort or difficulty, but I push through and overcome it.

Today, I'm a mess!  I guess it's better that it's today, one week before the race, than on race day.

First of all, I just really wasn't feeling my run this morning.  But I knew that meant I needed to get it done sooner rather than later, so I began my slow preparations.  Finally I was on the road.  Just got to get 'er done was my mantra.  I didn't need to try to run fast, I just needed to get those 11 miles in.

I had a couple hot spots on my toes that bothered me off and on while running.  My stomach also kept cramping quite a bit, but I pushed through.  I'm telling 'ya, that 10 mile mark is my magic place.  I was still feeling decent at 10 miles.  That last mile to 11 though--I felt like I was running in quicksand, or wet cement, or water jogging.  You get the picture.

The worst was once I was home.  My stomach was not happy.  I have a ginormous blister on the inside of my left big toe.  I have a couple other small blisters on my right toes.  I chafed on the inside of my arms, at the bottom of my armpits.

My stomach has not let up.  I was somewhat functional, but not a "feeling great" functional.  I did make it on one errand this afternoon, but that's it.  I had to cancel plans I had tonight because of this darn crampy stomach.

I think the main culprit was milk and cereal.  I don't think I've had milk before a long run, and a few people said it can upset your tummy.  I haven't really been able to eat and drink today like I normally would after expending over a thousand calories.  Luckily, eating and drinking doesn't make me feel worse--but since it doesn't make me better, it's not too appealing.  I've still been doing it though.

I am just hoping that after sleeping tonight, I'll be all better in the morning.  This has not been a fun day.  And I need that blister to go away by the weekend.  Should I pop it?  Usually they dry out or pop on their own.  I may be questioning someone at the running store later this week.

Speaking of rough...we've had to say goodbye already to our dog.  Such a bummer!  We had him for all of three days.  But he was oh so sad because he was raised with other dogs and he was not ok with being the only dog.  All he did was lay and sleep.  He didn't want to play or interact with us at all.  He had a major case of depression.

Luckily Bean knew of someone looking for a companion for their dog--and it was love at first site today for them all.  So Lucky aka Reggie aka Tucker is in a new home now.  The girls are bummed, but they understand.  They were disappointed that he didn't want to play with him.  He was such a sweet, well-behaved dog.  But he's much happier now.

We're going to wait a bit now, to figure out it we want to find another dog or not.  We found out the day we were getting Reggie that we have to move out of our house for a week in December while they do lead abatement.  Yikes!! 

Here's hoping tomorrow is smooth all around!

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