Monday, November 8, 2010

sweetest days//cyber baby book

I've been terrible about keeping a baby book for Lily.  I have one.  And I will fill it in someday, using the things I've recorded here on my blog.

Lily has a pretty extensive vocabulary already.  Perhaps my memory is fuzzy, but it seems like she is saying a lot more at 22 months than the other girls were.  I'm sure much of that comes from being the youngest and trying to keep up with her big sisters.

Here are many of the things Lily says.  And the way she says them.

Hold you
Yes, yeah, no (often she says these in a sing-song adorable!)
Brush (for brushing teeth)
Help you
Hello (usually refers to the phone)
Sprinkle (Sunday, in reference to a donut)
Names of about 8 family members and several friends too
Happy to you (happy birthday)
Rocka-baby (Rock-a-bye-Baby)
Buckle (in the carseat)

There are so many more too!  She repeats most anything and adds it to her vocabulary.

  Lily loves to help push the stroller.  It's a lot easier when I have the smaller umbrella stroller.  But she insists on bending down to find something to push on the jogger too.

She is still incredibly attached to her Wubby.  That's the brand name.  But she calls it the Wee-Ooo.  It's pretty much the cutest thing.  I need to get it on video before she stops saying it that way.

How you see it in this picture is the ideal placement of the Wubby.  She wants the tag, close to her nose while she sucks her two middle fingers on her left hand.  Miss Rose and Gracie love finding her blanket for her because she gets so happy about it! 

Lily and Gracie fight over babies every day.  Whichever doll one has, is the one the other one wants.  Even though we must have like 20 dolls.  Seriously, I had like three dolls as a kid.  Which I still have and the kids play with.  But my kids have SO many already.  Only a few were actually purchased by us.

Lily is absolutely precious with the dolls.  She cradles them or puts them over her shoulder while patting their back and saying "shhhh."  She rocks them, wraps them in blankets, carries them in a sling (as pictured above) and feeds them bottles.  She sways and bounces.  It's incredible how much she has picked up on how a baby is cared for.

I am in denial that my sweet baby is going to turn two in just a few months.  I'm in denial that soon I won't have a baby any longer, I'll have a toddler.  I'm in denial that these last few months are my last months having a baby at all.  I'm such a baby-junkie.  If Bean wasn't snipped, I'd probably be talking him into another baby at this point.  Just one more, I promise.  Sigh.

I may just go pick her up and cuddle her while she sleeps tonight.

These are the sweetest days.

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