Friday, December 3, 2010

al rescate {oh gracie #2}

Gracie is a fan of Go, Diego, Go.  She is an animal lover.  Where the girl is, some sort of stuffed animal isn't far away.  Right now it's mostly dogs. 

(this dog is actually a real one...but can you see the love on her face?  it was halloween, hence the dress.  however, such attire isn't that uncommon for her.)

Gracie is also frequently constipated.

I know, big topic change here.  Stick with me.

A few days ago Gracie was in the bathroom again, trying to work things out.  It had been a few days since things had been worked out and her tummy was hurting.

Me: "Did your poop come out?" 

Gracie: "NO!  My poop is stuck.  I think someone needs to rescue it."

(she rocks outfits like this all the time.  notice the two different colored gloves, among other fabulous-ness) 

Oh Gracie!

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