Sunday, January 23, 2011

because pictures are always good

A few recent's a big birthday week this week, so hopefully I'll get the birthday posts I've been composing in my head onto the screen!

My award winning almost 7-year-old.  Sometimes she is quite challenging, but I truly am so proud of her accomplishments in school and her consistent amazing behavior.  It tells me we are doing something right!!  Because Miss Rose has her dad's skin tone, people don't often say that we look alike---but I definitely see resemblance in this photo, which makes me happy.  If nothing else, our hair is exactly the same!!  (and you can see that she wanted her two front teeth for Christmas...but hasn't gotten them yet!)

We visited my grandparents the week after Christmas.  Even though they don't live far away, I don't see them often, but they are both failing and will probably be gone soon.  One of the highlights of the visit for me was to see the resemblance between Gracie and my grandma.  My grandma is this tiny, petite thing--but see how full her cheeks and face still are?  JUST like Gracie's. (and it almost all the photos of the day, my grandparents are looking at the kids, never the camera!)

This is how my girl rolls, all the time.  Please note:
1.  The hat and matching mittens she received from friends for Christmas.  While not as prevalent, she still has a strange affinity for gloves and mittens, so this gift was a favorite. 
2.  Her fun furry boots.  Hand me downs, which she loves and wears with anything
3.  Her long polka dot socks, a stocking stuffer, which actually are toe socks.  I thought it would be a fun gift.  It was.  But putting them on her is not fun at all.  You try to get little toes in their slots.
4.  Tights.  Always tights.  Although she doesn't like ribbed tights, thicker ones are ok.  Patterned ones are the best.

What better  way to watch a movie, then laying across your sisters lap.  This was a candid moment I caught that melted my heart!  It didn't last long, but it was so sweet.

More sister love at Miss Rose's award reception.

One of Lily's favorite new things.  This isn't actually ours, but I'm ordering these plasma cars for my kids' birthday presents this year.  They can't get enough of riding their cousin's.  And notice the pigtails??  More of those to come!!

Have a happy Monday :)

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