Thursday, January 20, 2011

a Fit Friday LIST

You know you are a runner when...

1. While driving on streets you sometimes run on, you imagine yourself running along them

2.  When you see someone running, anywhere, you wish you were running too

3.  When a) a song with a good beat comes on the radio or b) a song on one of your playlists comes on the radio, you thinking about your foot cadence during that song

4.  The small amount of spending money you had, went to new shoes & new running clothes

5.  You buy your friends running related items because you think everyone should love running

6.  You try to think of ways to make extra money so you can register in more races

7.  You want to run a half marathon pushing a jogging stroller just so you can say you did it

8.  You are considering running a FULL marathon, even if you can't do a complete training schedule for it because you are pretty certain you could finish and that would be your only goal.

9.  Your oldest daughter wanted running clothes and running shoes for her 4th birthday.

10.  Your youngest daughters love to put on your running visor and shoes

11.  Anytime you are wearing workout clothes, your almost 2-year-old says "fast" and says "me too."

12.  No matter what challenge you face during the course of the day, big or small, you think "a good run would fix this."

13. Reading this list makes you happy and proud.  And you realize you have accepted and embraced your identity as a runner.

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