Sunday, January 30, 2011

happy to you!

Dear Miss Lily Cate,

You turned 2 on Friday.  Yes, I'm a few days late on writing about your special day, but that's life!

You LOVED your birthday this year.  You love "happy to you".  When we sang to you, you thought it was pretty much the best thing ever and you even knew how to blow your candles out.  It was so fun to celebrate with you this year.

I can't believe you are two.  Sometimes I still can't believe I have a third child, who came so close after my second.  These past few years have been such a whirlwind, and you've been such a sweet blessing.  My special surprise.

You are a bit like sweet and sour sauce.  You are the sweetest girl, most of the time.  You love your family so much.  When we drive up from being anywhere, you immediately ask "Daddy?" wanting to know if he's home.  Upon waking in the morning or from a nap, you ask for your sisters.  Just like your big sisters, when I get home from work, you run to me yelling "mommy" and hug my legs.  It's pretty much the best part of my day.

Yet, the sour side.  You are a feisty little one!  I think it comes from having two older sisters.  You learn bad habits from them at times, and fight to hold your place in the family and have a say in how things go.  You and Gracie argue over the same toys often.  Usually one of you is taking a toy from the other, just to be a stinker.  When frustrated, or just feeling feisty, you have a tendency to hit and throw things.  Because you see your sisters go to time out in the corner, you understand the punishment.  And you have to go in time out quite a bit.  Lately, when told to go to time out, you look me square in the eye and flat out tell me "no."  It's hard not to laugh at your attempts to rebel.

Copying your sisters, for better or for worse, is a favorite.  It happens a lot at dinner, towards the end of the meal when everyone starts getting goofy.  If one of your sisters does something silly (and usually is reprimanded for it) you immediately copy them.  A few nights ago Miss Rose was playing her new Paper Jamz guitar and Gracie was dancing.  You went back and forth between copying what Miss Rose was singing and saying, and mimicing Gracie's dance moves.  It is a great teaching point to your sisters, how important it is for them to be obedient because they are setting an example for you.

Lily, you communicate very well.  You started speaking words strongly and clearly a few months ago.  What amuses me is that you mostly use single words to communicate, but you have a lot of words in your vocabulary.  You simply don't find it necessary to use them together, when one word said loudly or strongly communicates your desires or opinions.

You do use a few phrases such as "hold you" and "me too."  That's my favorite one right now, that you recently started saying.  If we are preparing to leave, if someone gets a snack or whatever I am doing at the moment you always say "me too, me too."  Sometimes you even raise your hand to emphasize the moment.  So adorable!

Some words that you say frequently are: snack, juice, milk, eat, baby, rock-a-baby, blanket, brush, shower, fast, ball, cheese, treat, cookie, cupcake, pretzel, lap, open, button, animal, book, shoes on, socks, barrette and so many more.

It still seems like there is a good chance you will be left-handed.  You typically color and eat using your left hand and when you raise your hand, you raise your left hand.  I figure in the next year, we'll really see how this develops.

True to form of your overall development, you are bigger than Gracie was at this age, but smaller than Miss Rose.  Mommy fell way behind with your doctor appointments, so we won't know exact measurements for a few months still.  Your hair seems to be exactly the same as theirs, which means it will be pretty curly by your third birthday.

You have the cutest way of speaking out of one side of your mouth and also pursing your lips when you speak for emphasis.  Your face is very expressive.  Sometimes, it's almost like you are using "baby talk" already to express your wishes.

I am still not ready for you to grow up.  I am not ready to not have a baby.  You aren't really a baby any longer, but you still need a lot of attention.  You ask to be held all the time and it's still easier to carry you around when we are out and about because you don't walk that fast--and you still fall a lot, like most toddlers.  I know that by this time next year, you will be talking in complete sentences, potty-trained, more independent and your personality will really shine through.  There are good things that come with this too.  But your baby-loving mama doesn't mind that you are still her baby right now.

Lily Cate, I love you so much and I can't imagine our lives without you.   I still vividly remember the events surrounding your birth.  Given my birth history, a successful pregnancy and healthy birth really was a miracle.  You were a blessing, a gift from God and I can't wait to see all that he has in store for your life!

Your Mama

(I'll share some pics time tonight!)

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