Monday, January 17, 2011


For some time now, I have been entranced with Ann's blog.  It is so deep, yet so simple.  Sometimes it makes my head hurt, and others it stirs my soul.  It brings up pain and also rejoicing.  I don't remember ever pre-ordering a book before, but this one I have.

As I browse through blog-world, I see snippets from those who've had a sneak peak, those who are reading early copies of the book.  They use words like wrecked, ruined, changed.  I need those things.  I eagerly await this book.  Not just for her words, but for the Spirit who inspired them and will make them come alive in my own life and heart.

In this new year, I want to embark on a new journey.  A journey of gratitude.  I want to join those who each week list the gifts, the things they are thankful for.  It's easy for me to get wrapped up in what's missing, in the lack, in the unfulfilled desires, the unrealized dreams, the daily mundane.  But I have so much to be thankful for.  The giver of life has given me much.

If you haven't visited Ann's blog, please do so.  And I'd love for you to join me on this journey too, of One Thousand Gifts.

I have to start with the obvious, because sometimes I take these gifts for granted.

1...a husband, who loves me wholly and unconditionally

2...daughters, who run to greet me, assailing my legs and wrapping their arms around me

3...a home, that is ours, in a neighborhood we've always dreamed of living, with family and friends close by

4...the physical ability to run

5...a voice, to express my love to God in song

6...the honor of ministering to people in their time of need

7...friends of the heart

8...the health of my family...I'm witnessing too much heartache and loss these day

Come back each Monday as I journey towards these one-thousand gifts and beyond.

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