Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'are you?

Lily loves to be near me. We have a pretty small house but if I'm not in sight, she walks around saying "are you?". It's the cutest thing. Even though her constant presence can be a bit of a nuisance at times. I know in the next year she will make the complete transition out of babyhood and toddlerhood. So I'm enjoying it to the best of my ability.

Lately, this blog has been asking me the same question--where are you?

I'm here. Just lacking energy and the mental capacity for blogging. This last year I've developed a real appreciation for well-written blog posts. Which means I cringe a bit when I post something that is rambling or sub-par in my opinion. I keep waiting for more time.

This week has been a little rough getting back to routine. I really enjoyed the week off at home. Even though I'm getting up at the same time, I've been just shy of late dropping Miss Rose off. This morning I even had to go back home after the two drop offs to put makeup on. I'm not very superficial, but a little makeup makes me feel put together and ready for a work day. I don't wear makeup as much when I'm at home.

So here I am. But here I go again. I hope to return soon!

And because they are cute...

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