Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{almost} wordless wednesday

Miss Rose had her jogathon last week.  
It was kind of chilly and windy, but she rocked it! 
19 laps.

Lily put in about 3 laps herself.  She loved it.
She'd take off on her own, telling me she as going to find her sister.
Several yards away, she'd look back and tell me to "c'mere"
So off we'd go, again
She's not going as fast as it appears here.  It was windy! 

Gracie wasn't as into it, but in this photo she was into running towards me!
At the very end she decided she wanted to do a lap and we jogged almost the whole thing.
I was wearing flats.  Silly Mama.

Next year, I'm wearing my full-on running gear, and am going for it! 

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